What If?

What if God made you a tree?

You would grow strong and tall

Maybe shelter some birds

In your strong arms

Or a squirrel might reside

Beneath your roots

What if God had made you a flower?

You might be tenderly cared for

By a gardener watching in anticipation

Of the glorious day of your presentation

With fragrance so sweet

And colors so awesome

You would stand for a day

In glorious array

What if God had made you a butterfly?

For a brief period of time

You would fly here and there

Landing on one flower and then another

Your life is so very brief

Your reason for living comes and goes

Before you know it all is over

Youíve returned to the earth

From whence you came

What if God had made you a stream?

Wandering from bank to bank

Gently and swiftly floating by

Around the rocks and under a branch

Nourishing the earth as you float by

An ocean or lake would be your end

Only to rise up in tiny droplets to the clouds

To begin your journey anew

What if God made you a dog?

A loyal companion you would be

Content to wait for a loving hand

Reaching out to give you a pat

Lying in the sun or running like the wind

These are the small joys of your life

Each day in anticipation

You await your masterís return

And with tail wagging

And tongue hanging out

You lovingly make your greeting

What if God made you a stone?

On a majestic mountain you might lie

To wind and weather you are exposed

You have no control of where you go

Until one bright day

Down the mountain you roll

And come crashing to a halt at the bottom

There you stay until on another day

Something comes along to move you again

But God didnít make you any of these

Out of His love He made you a person

The best of all His creations

He gave you eyes to see the beauty

And ears to hear wondrous sounds

He gave you a mind to think and to learn

He gave you a heart to fill with love

And arms to reach out to all around

He gave you feet to walk His creation

And He gave you a voice to sing of His love

But best of all He gave you His Son

That you might always abide with Him

By: Ann Martin

July 20, 2001

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