True Friend

True friendship understands when

A friend you cannot meet

As had been planned.

True friendship does not get angry

When things donít go your way.

True friendship weathers disappointment

With a cheerful understanding smile.

It looks for ways to cheer up

The one whoís not feeling up to par.

True friendship reaches out with love

And offers a helping hand.

It understands that despite the little things

That seem to block the way

There will be another day

To spend in fellowship so dear.

True friendship says

Iíll always be here whenever you call.

And if perchance you should fall

Iíll be by your side to pick you up again.

True friendship is a bond

That nothing on earth can break.

It is a gift given from above,

A partnership of love.

True friendship always seeks

To find the good in everything.

It does not seek to be first

But instead seeks to serve.

True friendship is what I have found

In someone as dear as you!

By: Ann Martin

May 26, 2001

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