The Attack

Yesterday I felt so good

Today Iím in a different mood

I am sure it is the devil and his brood

So desperately trying to affect my mood

Thoughts like "Iím so tired, I canít go on"

To replace all the joys and fun

Thoughts that seem to want to stun

And make me wish the day had not begun

I hear a tiny voice from deep within

"To feel this way really isnít a sin

You might as well just give in"

That voice is now becoming an awful din

In desperation I cry out

To my Jesus with a shout

Take this hoard, I donít want them about

Lord Jesus, Iím calling on your clout!

Slowly my thoughts are beginning to change

The Lord gently begins to rearrange

Suddenly I no longer feel so strange

The devil and his hoard must find another range!

By: Ann Martin

June 23, 2001

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