Before the royal throne

Stands my adversary

Accusing and devious

He lays before the Father

His accusations and schemes

He boldly requests the believers to test

To try and to sift

Hoping from Godís side

He may draw one of the elect

His proposals he slickly presents

Laying out our many sins

And shortcomings

He wheedles in a greasy tone

Let me have this one for a time

Let me give him trials and sorrows

Allow me to lay

Great burdens upon their shoulders

The Father gazing down upon

This once glorious creature

Grants the request with condition

You may bring sickness and disease

Financial woes, depravation and loss

Upon this one of whom you speak

You may test and give trials

But their life is mine

That you may not have

I have them inscribed here in my hand

Their name you can never erase

I will grant your request

Because through your schemes

And devious plans

My precious one will come through

Stronger and with more faith

All your planning and ill thoughts

Will come to naught in the end

For I have my own plans

For this little one of whom you scheme

I will bring about a wondrous end

And return them to safety

I will heal them

I will release them

From your strangling grasp

I will make of their life

A shining example

Of the blessings I offer

I will put their life high on a hill

A shining beacon for all to behold

Through the tests and trials

I will add more to my roles

And draw my precious one closer

To my side, there to always abide

You may for a time

Run rampant through their life

But in the end you will lose

And the glory of My love

Will be revealed

By: Ann Martin

July 12, 2002

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