Summer Days

The long hot days of summer are here

Bees are buzzing, birds are chirping

Flowers hold up their heads with pride

Grass needs mowing

Weeds need pulling

Children flee the classroom

Running wildly to play

Parents look on fondly

Remembering summer days gone by

The barbecue is lit

Delicious smells ride on the wind

Dogs lay lazing in the sun

Waiting for a gentle pat from a passerby

The shade of a tree and a cool breeze

Are sought by one and all

Summer fruit abounds

Deliciously juicy and beautiful to behold

As temperatures rise ever higher

The population flees to a local beach

Or the back yard swimming pool

Outdoor parties with friends abound

Potato salad, hamburgers stacked high

Served with a tall glass of lemonade

Mosquitoes swarm and join the feast

Forcing mankind inside again

Days are ever so long

And twilight a site so rare

As across the canvas of the sky

God draws His broad paint brush

Filled with such glorious hues

Leaving there His calling card

As if to say

Hello, I am here.

Pause a moment and see

All the glory of creation

Presented here for your joy

Slow down awhile

Leave your worries behind you

Refresh yourself in all this splendor

Fill your mind with a small taste

Of the glories in heaven

He leaves it there for all to see

An open invitation to one and all

Telling everyone who looks

I am always here

My door is always open

I would love to have you stop by

Come and sit awhile

By: Ann Martin

June 22, 2001

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