Spring Rain

Soft gray clouds floating high

Gentle rain falling down

Birds all a twitter

Singing with gusto and delight

A soft cleansing breeze

Was what greeted me

As the sun was rising

On this glorious morn

All Godís glory

Seemed to be saying

Look at the blessings

The Lord has sent

See the wonders

Of all creation on display

Raindrops refreshing the thirsty earth

To my mind seemed like Godís love

Falling afresh on my heart

I felt the joy arising

Hope emanated from my soul

Despite the gloom and grayness

In the world around me

My mind began reflecting

On Godís tender care

Of the blessings bestowed

And of love freely given

How wondrous is our Lord!

His compassion is boundless

His love beyond comprehension

His blessing too numerous to count

His salvation so freely given

His love on this morn

Felt as if His finger

Had left an imprint

On my thirsty soul

The joy He implanted in my heart

Emanated from deep within

And hope arose to new heights

I thank you, Lord, for Your love

For Your all encompassing compassion

And for Your tender loving care

My spirit sings out with joy

Of the blessings I have received

My soul arises to Your throne

To lay prostrate at Your feet

My heart, I freely give

To you, the King of kings

I praise and worship You

My Lord, my King, My Father!

By: Ann Martin

April 15, 2002

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