My Spirit Soars

I have filled upon my Godís words

Eaten of His wondrous thoughts

I am filled to the brim with His love

And within me my spirit leaps

It feels as if I have sprouted wings

As my spirit guides me to a lofty place

Higher, higher my spirit soars

Leading me onward beyond the clouds

Before me arises a sparkling gate

Itís doors open wide as I draw nigh

I enter into a garden pure

Oh what a refreshing place, I think

Rivers of water and flora so bright

Fragrances so sweet draw me in

I want to lie down on that soft lawn

But my spirit presses me on

Ever onward, onward it does lead

In the distance a gleaming city

Streets of gold and mansions so bright

Mesmerize my amazed mind

People in robes of purest white

Gather along those shining roads

All are headed in one direction

And seem to say, come, come with us

There are more wondrous sights to behold

My spirit surges forward

And will not let me stop

Ever onward it does lead

Beyond an altar where fragrant aromas arise

I hear singing and glorious music ahead

When suddenly a throne comes into view

Heavenly beings float all around

A chorus of adoration is being sung

Holy, holy, holy, those melodious voices sing

A rainbow of every hue surrounds that throne

And upon it sits my heavenly Father

My spirit slows as I fall at His feet

In worshipful abandon I lie prostrate

Praising my glorious Lord

His holy hand stretches forth

And draws me into His loving embrace

I hear His voice as His arms enfold me

"Take courage, my child

And be not dismayed

I have accomplished all My word promises

I have brought about the desires of your heart

I have not forgotten you nor abandoned you

So rest, my child, rest and be refreshed"

At last my spirit was at peace

And I joined that heavenly choir

And I began to sing with joy

"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty!"

By: Ann Martin

August 11, 2002

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