Sing! Sing! Sing for joy!

Sing in the forest

Sing in the desert

Sing in your shower

Or sing, sing to a flower

Sing in the midst of your pain

Sing in the depths of despair

Sing of our Lord, give Him your praise

Sing like a bird with exuberance

Or sing with a voice so quiet

Just sing of our wonderful Lord

Sing of all He has done

Sing of His love

And sing of His provision

But sing, just sing

Sing with a voice of love

Sing with pride in your heart

Sing of all his wondrous deeds

Sing as you rise each day

Sing before you lay your head down

Sing when are happy

Sing when you are afraid

Sing at work or at play

And as you sing the Lord will bless you

And sing to your heart too!

By: Ann Martin

February 2, 2002

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