The Shepherd

In every church around the world

God has put a shepherd to lead His flock

The shepherd has a special call

Given to him alone

A special duty to perform

A heavy burden to bear

He must be a leader above reproach

Yet always show a tender heart

He is to be an example to all

Showing the way to our Lord

With love and patience at all times

His life isnít easy and is always too full

All who gaze upon him scrutinize

His every move and uttered word

Many expect him to be perfect

Forgetting he too is only human

And when a mistake he may make

All pass judgment with stern and unforgiving looks

Donít they realize how difficult it is

To always be the example

To be placed high on a pedestal

With all the world watching and waiting

For just one slip, for him to fall

With the "I told you so"

And "he doesnít really believe what he preaches"

They go around gossiping and wounding

The one person who needs their support

And loving forgiveness

He is trying to display Godís love

And help us understand all God has given us

Think how difficult it must be

To compose a message that will reach our hearts

Every time we sit to listen to his words.

And what it must be like to sit under judgment

Every moment of his day.

We need to stand behind our shepherd

Uphold him in prayer and give him our love

And forgive him when he does fall

For he is always the one we run to

When troubles come along

By: Ann Martin

November 24, 2000

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