Pillar of Iron/Tower of Strength

(Dedicated to Dred and Regina Torrence)

Pillar of Iron has had by his side

His Tower of Strength for many a year

Side by side they have walked

Through lifeís many trials

The have shared many happy days

Along with some tears

Well seasoned has been their life

Joys, fears, laughter, love and some disappointments

Have all spiced their life together

Now they are growing older

Looking to their future when life will ease

Itís many demands from every side

All seemed to be heading toward their goal

When one day Pillar of Iron

Was hit with a mighty blow

He began to fall with thoughts

Of all those who looked to him

To always be strong

He just couldnít stumble now

Too many depended on him

As his mind filled with fears

Along side him arrived Tower of Strength

And lifted him to his feet once again

She straightened his back

Soothed his fears with her love

And helped him stand tall and proud

They walk side by side today

This Pillar of Iron and Tower of strength

Upholding each other in love

Still looking toward their future

When in their golden days of age

They can spend time side by side

A little less harried

But still abounding with love

By: Ann Martin

May 28, 2001

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