After all the years we have spent

Watching many an event

Our time together is coming to a close

As our feelings we do expose

I look back to see

Friendship and support you gave for free

So many times you have been there

A steadfast friend without compare

In my mind memories parade on by

And all the times on you I could rely

Remembering so many ups and downs

Only makes me want to frown

But then I recall your cheerful face

And my frown a smile does replace

We have shared so much you and I

Parting is so very hard I cannot deny

Yet it is wonderful to know

I do not have very far to go

To spend some precious time with you

As I hope we will often do

With an aching heart and through my tears

I want to thank you for being a friend so dear

By: Ann Martin

June 3, 2001

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