My Portal

My portal has opened to many a child.

Some very forward and others quite mild.

Each one entered with excitement and some fear.

And over the years I wiped many a tear.

The eagerness or doubt on each bright face

Are memories I find hard to erase.

They have come clutching the hand of a mom or a dad.

Some parents seemed happy and others quite sad

To watch their sweet child take a new step.

With each new day their child became more adept.

September saw tears, with December came joys.

In March spring fever to be out with the toys.

But in June came tears once again

As each one leaves with knowledge they did gain.

Watching them go brings to my heart an ache

For many a year their memories will stay, make no mistake!

The love and the tears, the joys and the sorrows

Will all long be a part of my tomorrows.

And so my portal opens again and with a sadness of heart

I say goodbye as each one goes on to a brand new start.

By: Ann Martin

June 6, 2001

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