Look To Me

Look to Me! Look to Me! Look to Me!

Do not look left or right.

Do not look backwards or forwards.

Just look to me.

Focus on Me, your loving Father.

I am here, I will always be here.

Do you think I will let you go?

Do you not know your name is always before my eyes?

Do you not know that I love you with a holy love?

My Love never fades.

My love is always the same.

From the beginning I have loved you.

Your name is written upon my hand!

You are my child!

No one can take you from me.

No one can change the way I feel about you!

I will stand by you.

I will provide for you.

I will protect you.

Drop your false shields,

And let Me handle your cares.

Only I can change the circumstances.

Only I can makes things new.

Only I can bring about the desires of your heart!

Look to Me! Look to Me! Look to Me!

By: Ann Martin

Feb 3, 2002

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