For all our loved ones who have gone on to be with the Lord

Long Road

The road has been so long and hard

Throughout this life of mine.

And many have been the bumps and bends

With each I wondered, "Where will it end?"

Children have come and been such joy

As I watched their lives unfold.

Many a night I did spend In fervent prayer

For children, loved ones, and friends.

Then I stood back and watched Godís mercy unfold

With answered prayer and problems solved.

Along this trail that I did follow

Wandering through lifeís trials

I found a wondrous scheme

Presented with a heart of love.

I learned to depend upon

The Creator of this world of ours.

From His lofty perch He looks down

For our souls His heart earnestly yearns

To bring us all like sheep into his fold.

He lovingly stretched out his arms

And sacrificed His very life

To replace the broken lines

Providing an opening to a heavenly home

Where the strife of this world

Is never to be found.

Now I have come to the end

Of this long and winding road

And have walked those final steps

Into the loving embrace of my Lord.

By: Ann Martin

March 2, 2002

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