Little Things

On this Thanksgiving Day

Be thankful for the little things.

That telephone that never ceases to ring,

Just one call can bring exactly the blessing you need.

Those annoying spiders you find in every corner

Keeping the other bugs in control.

A worm crawling in the cold dank earth,

By simply eating it enriches the dirt.

A button on your clothes,

A simple thing but without it, oh my!

The water faucet you turn on,

How would you take a shower without it?

The broom most of us hate to use,

It would be difficult to clean if we didnít have it!

The bar of soap sitting on the sink,

How would we cleanse ourselves if we didnít have it?

A "Good Morning" from a stranger,

What a wonderful way to start our day!

The fork we use everyday,

Without it we would have to use our fingers.

Five minutes of quiet away from the world,

A great opportunity to spend time with God!

A gift given for no reason at all

Restores our hope and reveals the good around us.

What about the hug that is given spontaneously,

It can lift your spirit and restore your joy.

Your eyesight no matter what its condition

Without it you couldnít read or see a sunrise

Our ears with which to hear

It would be sad to miss the "I love you" from a loved one.

A pen or pencil to write with,

It is always so annoying when we canít find one.

There are so many little things to be thankful for.

Could we live without them?

Probably, but do we want to?

So just pause a moment this Thanksgiving Day

To say thank you to our God

For all the little things He gives.

By: Ann Martin

November 23, 2000

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