Little Girl Lost

Raised in a religion

She cannot understand

And really canít abide.

Told she was condemned

If she did not comply.

So many rules.

So many dos and doníts.

Where is this God?

Where is the love

I so desperately need?

Why is it so hard

To follow this lead?

Acceptance and love

Is what I am crying out for.

So much advice.

So much condemnation.

Why all this pressure to conform?

Is God such a hard task master?

Must I really do so much

To gain this deityís love?

Isnít there a simpler way?

Can I ever possibly be

Accepted and enfolded in arms of love?

"Oh my God!

If You are there

Reach out and touch me!

Let me feel Your love

Show me the true path

To Your heavenly door.

Hold me in Your embrace

And never let me go

Keep me at Your side

Teach me of Your ways

Let this salvation spoken of

Be truly revealed

Heal me, heavenly Father

Change my heart and my life

Love me, Father, just as I am!"

"Come, my daughter, come to Me.

I am not hard to find

Just open your heart

And let Me come in.

I will not cast you away

Nor will I condemn you.

Come, partake of My peace.

Let me open your eyes

To a new hope, a new life.

Let me lift you up

And heal the wounds of your heart.

Come close to Me.

Only I can give you

What you so long for.

Come, my daughter, come to Me."

By: Ann Martin

June 29, 2003

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