Let Him

When life seems it's darkest

And doom seems to oppress

When nothing looks good

And hope is so distant

Go down on your knees

And pour out your fears

The Lord is always listening

Ever ready to come to your aid

He knows about your suffering

He understands your pain

He sees all your tears

He, too, has experienced pain

He has suffered beyond measure

He has cried so many tears

But He also knows

How to repair your broken heart

How to bind up your wounds

He can return your hope

And bring fresh joy to your heart

Just turn to Him

Lay it all in His hands

He has the solution

He has a plan

He will see you through

Both the thick and the thin

He loves you so much

And has wondrous things

Stored up just for you

So let Him fight the battles

Let Him lighten your soul

Let Him do it

While you rest in His peace.

By: Ann Martin

August 2, 2004

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