This was written when I learned of my first grandchild's birth. This should have been a very happy event, unfortunately I will most likely never see little Joshua as he was put up for adoption right after birth.

To Joshua

Little one so tiny

A flicker of light in time

A creation of beauty

Sent from the Father's hand

How I long to hold you

To touch your tiny hand

And count your tiny toes

Close to my heart I want to cuddle you

Rocking you gently to sleep

But timing and distance will not allow

So I send many a whispered prayer

Up to the Father's throne

Asking Him to send angels

To surround and enfold you

Protecting you from all harm

And filling you with our Father's love

From my heart I make a request

That someday, in this world or the next

My eyes upon you I may lay

To see for myself this extension

Of my family tree

My hopes for you are high

My thoughts of you are precious

May you always have love surrounding you

May your needs always be met

And may your desires be good ones

Bent toward helping your fellow man.

Ann Martin

July 31, 2004

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