Hope In Me

Hope in Me

Trust in Me

Live in Me

For without Me you are dust

Without me you are chaff in the wind

Without me you are a parched desert

Only I can lift you up

Only I can make things new

Only I can redeem you

Who is there among you that can place a star in the heavens?

Who can stop the earth from turning?

Who can breathe new life into the dead?

I hung the stars in the heavens

I fashioned the earth and made it turn

I, only I can breathe life into the dead

I am you loving Father

I am your compassionate friend

I am your redeemer

Come to Me and rest!

Come to Me and be renewed!

Come to me and live!

Hope in Me!

Trust in Me!

Live in Me!

By: Ann Martin

January 26, 2002

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