Hopeís Haven

Have you ever sat alone

As you stare at the phone

And wondering why

A friend does not stop by?

Have you ever felt

You were the only one who knelt

Praying for the needy and lost

No one really counts the cost?

Does it seem at times

That there is nobody to give a dime

To those who are in need

And food for those we should feed?

Does the answer to your hope

Seem too far away, you just canít cope?

Do you often despair

That this world will ever find repair?

Do not give up and stop,

Nor let your spirit drop.

It is not for you to know

How Godís gifts, He will bestow.

Rest your tired soul; do not cave-in

It is in the Fatherís hands in Hopeís Haven.

By: Ann Martin

December 10, 2000

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