He Took

In the nails upon the cross

The Lord Jesus took your pain

With the whip across His back

Each painful stripe carried away disease

When the spear struck His side

The flow that came forth released your sin

He could have walked away

He could have commanded angels to save

He could have struck His oppressors dead

He could have turned a blind eye on our world

He didnít walk away

But meekly accepted the assignment

He didnít command angels to come

But cried out love for you and me

He didnít strike His oppressors

But lovingly forgave

He didnít turn a blind eye

But looked with sorrow and sympathy on mankind

With each blow of the hammer

He proclaimed death at an end

When the angels stood by and watched

He sent them to help you and me

With each lash from the whip

He declared you are healed

When the oppressors looked on and jeered

He gazed down with compassion

When the sick, blind and crippled asked for help

He willing gave His all

He took your pain

He took your sin

He took your disease

The least we could do

Is accept His love

By: Ann Martin

February 18, 2002

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