He provides

From the heavens far away

From His throne there in glory

The Lord reached out His mighty hand

And scooped me from a miry pit

He reached with His loving and gentle touch

Wrapped His strong arms around my soul

He too me up out of my woe

And into my heart did plant

A new song and joy beyond bounds

He saw me small and miserable

Cry out in the deepest agony

Amongst all the petitions and pleas

He felt mine a worthy cause

And granted the very miracle I needed

He showed me where to look and who to call

He gave me friends to fervently pray

And when hope seemed to be fading fast

He provided the answer in the blink of an eye

It humbles me to think of all our Lord does

And I, among the least have felt

His wondrous love and mighty power this day

Hes let me know Hes still there

And about my worries He deeply cares

Hes taught me once again to trust

For He will never turn away

He will always provide for all my needs

He is the God of all with unending power

Yet He has a gentle heart

And reaches out to gently hold

All of His children in His loving arms

And wipes away the pain and tears

And in their place leaves love and joy!

By: Ann Martin

February 13, 2002

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