Help Me Lord!

Lord, here I am, 50 years old and unemployed

After so many years of dedication and service

I’ve been tossed aside like yesterday’s trash

Someone new came in, changed so many things

Turned something very good into a crumbling façade

All the children I’ve nurtured and taught

Their voices reverberating in the halls still

Are all gone on to other adventures and thrills

Parents aplenty have come with concerns

To conferences unnumbered and programs beyond counting

Now my classroom is empty, no more happy voices

No more squabbles to settle and knowledge to present

The many warm hugs and laughing faces have all marched on

The carpet has been pulled from under me

I am down on the floor trying desperately

To find a reason to rise once more.

I find myself wondering

Is it worth it to start anew?

Or should I just stop the battle

Give it all up right here?

The goal has moved so far out of reach

The thing I so enjoy has been taken from me

Where do I turn now, what should I do?

Help me Lord find new hope.

Guide me Lord, in the direction I should go.

Raise me up Lord from this pit I am in

Show me the path I should follow

It seems so hopeless from where I wallow

Is it really worth it to begin anew?

In desperation I look to You.

Help me Lord, help me!

By: Ann Martin

May 26, 2001

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