Great Hands

So much pain

So much sorrow

Seems to permeate

Our tomorrow.

In our sadness

And our woe

God’s great hands

Reach out to bestow

Love and joy,

His compassionate peace.

Yesterday’s sorrows

Will not add to our tomorrows.

They will not bring about the peace

That only God can release.

Look to the One

Who made the tomorrows

And for you gave up His Son.

He knows of the piercing pain.

He knows of your great losses.

But He also knows the gains

If into His great hands

You will leave your woes.

He has such great plans

For you and mankind.

Just drop your broken heart

Into His hands, leave it behind.

Let Him work it all out.

For He is the only one

Who with a mighty shout

Can change those sorrows

From sadness to joy

And make much brighter tomorrows.

By: Ann Martin

May 29, 2002

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