Grasp Hold

Shadows may come

And troubles descend

Despair may fall

And sorrow may follow

Life may become tiresome

The burdens so heavy

But into this murk

Comes a light glowing bright

The hope of our tomorrows

Is shining through the fog

Follow that beacon

And grasp hold of the hope

His guiding hand reaches forth

If we but let Him

Our burdens He will take

The path He has laid open

The road is straight and narrow

Step onto it with faith

Grasp hold with trust

Let God lead you through

All the murk and the mire

Only He can bring you through

Only He can guide your footsteps

He will show you the safe harbor

He will see to your needs

Grasp hold of His hand

He will never let go!

By: Ann Martin

March 13, 2002

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