Friend So Dear

(Dedicated to Sandi Oakland)

God has given me a friend so dear

Someone who in my heart is always near

We have so many shared experiences and dreams

Over the years she has gained my esteem

When in my busyness I forget to visit or call

She is always an ever-listening pal

In exchange for my worry and care

She gives a love without compare

Riches she may not have

Or the answer that I crave

But se would give anything

To stop the pain and its sting

She is a gift from above

Shining forth with Godís love

The heart of Jesus glows in her eyes

From my doldrums she helps me arise

As older we grow and time bears down

She always gives a smile for my frown

And with each setting of the sun

I thank God for such a one

By: Ann Martin

December 31, 2000

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