Freedomís Song

Freedomís song,

Can you hear it?

Stop, listen, it wonít be long

The sounds of freedom ring.

All around the nation sings.

Our hearts resound with elation

As we celebrate the birth of our nation.

Flags are waving high

As we remember with a sigh

Those who fought to keep us free.

And we pray on bended knee

Thanking the Father for this place

That is the home of many a race.

Towards the sky we do stare

Watching fireworks and their glare.

Parades and picnics do abound

In this land of freedomís sound.

But in the midst of our celebration

Let us not forget the high cost of our nation.

Many valiant men died just to give

The chance for each of us to live

Under the cover of freedomís song.

Rich and poor, weak and strong all join in the throng

Celebrating each in his own way

Our nationís birth on this day.

By: Ann Martin

July 4, 2001

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