People coming, people going

Children crying, children running

Faces etched with worry

Countenances lighting up with smiles

Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters

All sitting and passing time

Waiting to hear some news

Of a loved oneís condition

Time slowly passing by

Each moment seems to get longer

Thoughts are swirling

Fears bouncing around

What is happening?

Why doesnít someone bring some news?

How much longer must I wait?

A swirl of people milling about

A cacophony of voices

Echoing off the walls

Many words, some excited

But some quietly fearful

The agony of waiting

Seems so very hard to bear

When can I see my loved one?

Are they going to be OK?

Or is their life in jeopardy?

Oh dear Lord guide the doctors

Make it vividly clear

How the treatment should proceed

Ease the pain of my loved one

Heal their wounds

My Father I pray

Bring them comfort

Suffuse them with Your peace

And Father I pray

For all the people

Within these walls

Shine Your light their way

Fall afresh on the hearts

Of those who are Your own

And enlighten those

Who donít know

Of Your salvation

Open their eyes

Soften their hearts

Let them know

Beyond a doubt

That You are all they need

Thank you Father, for Your provision

And for Your loving touch.

By: Ann Martin

August 2, 2003

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