Easter Promise

The week began so bright

Such promise was in sight

What a vision that day

A Savior so they say

Rode a donkey into town

Amidst the cries that did resound

Hosanna, our king we have found

But as the week went by

The favor of the people did fly

In the dark of night

He was taken from their sight

From High Priest to king

And back they did bring

This man so meek and silent

From their accusations they did not relent

Before the Roman governor He was taken

Who thought they must surely be mistaken

This man could not be

An insurrectionist, not He!

But the Priests did prevail

His follower’s cries were to no avail

Condemn Him to die

Was the Priests’ loud reply

Beaten, spit upon and bruised

He was vilely abused

Nailed to a wooden beam

Left to die, the end it would seem

Laid in a cold stone tomb

The world awash with a terrible gloom

On the third day a joyous surprise

This man God did make arise

Through Him was brought saving grace

And the hope to live in a heavenly place

His sacrifice seemed such a waste

When He died in such disgrace

In our place He did die

With words of the prophets comply

His life He lay down

That we may gain a crown

With a love so pure

Eternal life He gives for those who endure

His arms He stretched out in love

That can only come from the Father above

If to save only one

This deed He still would have done

His never changing love is forever

Meant for all who at His feet would gather

The time draws nigh for the world we know to end

And wonders await us that we cannot comprehend

His promise is for one and all

Won’t you answer His fervent call?

By: Ann Martin

April 20, 2003

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