Dig Deeper

Does your life seem to be going nowhere?

Do you feel that what you do is useless?

Do you feel lost and lonely?

Does it seem no one really cares?

Have you sought God?

Did you check what He has to say?

If not…Dig Deeper!

Have you lost hope that your life will change?

Have you given up on ever having any peace?

Does it seem people avoid you or don’t understand?

Does it feel like you have no strength to go on?

Do you feel unloved and unwanted?

Did you know that God loves you deeply?

If not…Dig deeper!

Do you know that God knew you before you were born?

Do you know that He has a plan for your life?

Do you know that there is peace to be found?

Do you know that the greatest sacrifice ever made was made for you?

Do you know that there is an eternal home for you filled with love?

Do you know that if you just ask God will forgive and forget all your sins?

If not…Dig Deeper!

Are you aware that there is a guidebook for your life?

Did you know that all you need God can provide?

Did you know God’s love is unconditional?

Did you know that God can still use you no matter what you have done?

Just spend some time in prayer talking with God.

Open your Bible and read, the answers are there.

Just Dig Deeper!

By: Ann Martin

June 5, 2001

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