Clouds Of Trouble

Along the horizon they gathered

Drifting closer, becoming darker

A light rain began that soon became a deluge

Thunderous clouds surround me

Pouring one affliction after another

Down upon my life

The waters of trouble keep rising

Until it seems I may soon succumb

The battle has been so long

The darts thrown my way so very painful

I reach out seeking a kind hand

And find deception behind

The illusion of compassion

I am floundering in the torrent

Desperately seeking someone, anyone

To hold out loving arms to embrace me

The troubled waters swirl and churn

Becoming ever deeper

My life and emotions are torn in shreds

I cry out, "Why? Why Lord?"

When will it all cease?

Where is the much-needed peace?

Where is the safe haven?

When will it all end?

My God, my Lord,

Hear my desperate plea

Answer my questions

And bring some relief

I donít understand, Lord

Why must I go through so much pain?

Help me Lord; grant me your peace

Dry up the flood

Push back the rain clouds

Return your light to my life.

By: Ann Martin

June 20, 2002

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