Christmas Memories

Drag out the boxes

Bring out the lights

Go through the ornaments

Hang each one with care

Fondly remember Christmasí of yesteryear

Draw loved ones close

Hug one and all

Bring in some cheer

Light the fire

Cozy up close

Sing some carols

Wrap some presents

Eat lots of treats

And as you reminisce

Turn your hearts and minds

To that age old story

Of the Babe born in a manager

Humbly there He lay

Animals gathered round

Shepherds from fields

Bowed before his bed

Angels sang of His glory

On that night so long ago

To a stable He did come

Bringing with Him the Fatherís love

Knowing of His destiny

Many years to come

Yet He gladly came

Abiding in lowly estate

For one reason only

To become a sacrifice

For both you and me

What a wondrous gift was given

On that long ago night!

By: Ann Martin

December 20, 2001

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