Author Of Our Lives

Down through the ages

Words were written by many sages.

Each one thinking he had found

The answer to question all around.

And each confidently said to follow

The advice spouted forth for us to swallow.

Many a man did blindly take

These sages at their word—much to their mistake.

For in following the wisdom of men

Happiness and peace are not found-- what to do then?

There is hope beyond compare

That will not trap us in a deadly snare.

The Author of our lives

Has given us a way to survive.

Each day he writes a chapter new

Shining a light, allowing us to begin anew.

He reaches out with a heavenly pen

On our hearts once again.

He inscribes His love, His compassion

Giving us much needed direction.

Our reason for living is recorded in His book

Just waiting for us to open and look.

His ways are not hard, His love not withheld.

His voice is reassuring, in His hand we are held.

Each day He writes wisdom without compare,

Direction to follow, and so to prepare

For that day when we leave our earthly shell

And return to our eternal home with Him to dwell.

By: Ann Martin

June 17, 2002

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